Frequently Asked Questions


Why are you giving all this stuff for free?

The short answer: I want everyone to have access to this knowledge.

The long answer: This site is a result of my own disappointment with the publicly available material. A lot of it was either impractical, unclear, or plain false, and it took me more than a decade to figure out what works and what doesn’t. While I appreciate what I have learned, there is no reason why you should spend as much time learning those same things. You have better things to do with your time and if I can help you save time, that’s great.

I want to re-publish some of your material on my site. Can I do that?

Depends on the situation. While I like sharing my knowledge with everyone, I can’t give blanket permission for re-publishing it. This is because I would soon find my material being used to promote all kinds of get-rich schemes and multi-level marketing scams. So please contact me and tell me for what purpose you want to re-publish my material. If it is a reasonable one, you will most likely get permission.

Is guru X legit? Is technique X legit?

These are the kind of questions I don’t like to answer. While I have very strong opinions about many people in this industry, I don’t believe it is my job to lambast them. I am more interested in providing you a solid understanding of what works and what doesn’t. When you have that, it allows you to immediately tell who is being genuine.

Why you haven’t covered technique X?

The most likely answer is that you don’t need it. This site is focused on providing you with the most important skills in the shortest amount of time. I don’t deny that there are many great techniques available, but many of them require a lot of practice to get them to work consistently. It is also possible I haven’t covered a specific technique because I can’t back it with proper research.

I like your site, but I prefer reading physical books. Are you going to publish it as a book?

At the moment, no. While that is probably going to happen in the future, this site is not a commercial venture for me. Formatting a physical book takes a lot of time as does promoting it. Furthermore, if I ever get into doing it, I want to reward physical buyers with an extra chapter or two.

Don’t you really have any physical products or courses?

Not at the moment. I firmly believe what you learn on this site should be enough to satisfy the needs of an average practitioner. This said, I must admit I have been toying with creating one about conditioned responses, as it is one of those rare skills that you really can’t get just by reading books. However, creating a suitable learning environment for it would be such a time-consuming and expensive venture that I am not currently willing to commit to it.

Are you available for conducting training?

Never say never, but most likely no. I have done trainings in the past and while I like doing them, most people don’t understand how much work conducting a good workshop requires. There is a lot of preparation involved, traveling, and a half-assed workshop doesn’t serve anyone’s needs. I might be willing to conduct private training if I get compensated well. So, feel free to contact me, but be warned as I can be pretty expensive to work with.

Are you available for private coaching?

See the above. Never say never, but private coaching is not something I am particularly interested in doing.